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Bob & Martha Aho

I have described my and Martha's history of faith as "Christian mutts." I was raised in a conventional Lutheran Church in Detroit, and Martha in a small denomination in northern Michigan called Apostolic Lutheran, which is similar to a holiness church, in which my mother had also been raised. Shortly after our marriage my home church lost its way, mostly abandoning Jesus for a social gospel. We began a church search with a move to Marshall, Mich. That led us to a Methodist church part of the time.

After having subsequently moved to the Upper Peninsula, to Martha's home, God led us to a more open branch of her church. It was "hile attending there that God called us to the ministry. As an 11 year old I had sensed the call of God to be a pastor but I had no idea what to do, even though it was confirmed to me by the comments of three members of my church. Now, at age 30, God prophetically called and it was again confirmed by three people in our new church. When we have had such prophecies or leadings of the Spirit we have always prayed, given it back to God affirmatively, and waited for Him to produce it. In a very short time our pastor asked me to a lead in the church service, which led to being a fill in speaker in sister churches around the area, and finally the call to our first pastorate, a small country church.

My training came from three areas; first a two year confirmation class that I devoured, especially the year of study of the Old testament; secondly after the call at age 30, God moved in the heart of a pastor who was helping us build an assisted living home, for which I became the administrator. Pastor Rod sensed God telling him to give me "all the time I needed as He (God) was preparing me for ministry." For two years, on Mondays, his day off, he gave me from one to six hours of one-on-one teaching, questioning, challenges, and great fellowship. Later he became our pastor and our friendship continued until his passing last year. Third, I have made it a practice to study the Bible daily for nearly 50 years.

To sum this up God had us pastor for 11 years in the U.P., the last 5 and a half in a Pentecostal church, before moving us to South Carolina where we pastored for another 11 years in a non-denominational church. Add up all the churches and our 14 years involvement in Charismatic renewal conferences, and you see the diverse background.

In addition to the ministry I have administered assisted living homes for 26 years, 11 of which while I was also pastoring the U.P. Churches.

Martha and I strongly believe in the prophetic work of the Holy Spirit and of the application of it in the life of the church today.

  September 2022  
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